The ancient Egyptians were the first to organize the Olympic Games

The secret of mummification, building the pyramids, temples and obelisks are all evidence of the greatness and uniqueness of ancient Egyptian civilization. The ancient Egyptians were able to achieve what cannot be achieved now, despite this tremendous technological development.

The ancient Egyptians were the first to organize the Olympic Games

A grave mistake has spread against the ancient Egyptian civilization, which is that everyone asserts that the origin of the Olympic Games goes back to the Greeks. Those who hold this opinion said that the beginning of the Olympic Games goes back in their origin to the connection with Greek religious myths. According to them, such games were held for the first time in The era of the ruler of Athens, Peisistratus, who passed away in 527 BC, in an Olympian city in ancient Greece. It gained its name from Mount Olympus, which is the highest mountain peak in this city.

 The ancient Egyptians and the Olympic Games 

But every Egyptian must be proud of his civilization and be very aware that this civilization was the source of all development, progress and prosperity. Just as the ancient Egyptian advanced in the sciences of medicine, astronomy, engineering, alchemy and the science of mummification, the secret of which we have not been able to discover until now, such great people also excelled in The sports field, and the inscriptions of the Beni Hassan tombs located in the Beni Hassan center in Minya Governorate have proven these inscriptions beyond any doubt that the origin of these games is purely Egyptian, as the inscriptions of these tombs depicted the ancient Egyptians playing a game similar to wrestling in the present time, in addition to the presence of depictions. For the sport of archery and other games, the ancient Egyptian was a genius in all aspects of life, and the history of these inscriptions dates back to the Middle Kingdom era of ancient Egyptian history, that is, more than 1,500 years before the emergence of Greek civilization.

We Egyptians must be fully aware of the aspects of this civilization that has lasted for thousands of years, and be well aware of its value so that we can move forward towards a better future. A nation without history is a nation without a future.

The ancient Egyptians

Egyptian archaeologist Abdel Rahim Rayhan confirmed that the ancient Egyptians were the first to organize the Olympic Games since 2000 BC.
In statements to the official Middle East News Agency (MENA), today, Tuesday, Rayhan said that King Ramses I was the first to create these games, according to what was stated in the book “One of the Secrets of the Pharaohs” by the writer Hassan Saadallah, Director General of the Information Office of the Ministry of State for Social Affairs. Archaeology.

Rehan explained that this result was reached after studies conducted on the drawings of Egyptian athletes while practicing freestyle wrestling, fencing, archery, weightlifting, gymnastics, boxing, running, rowing, tug of war, hockey, and fishing in the tombs of Beni Hassan in Minya and the tomb of Amenhotep, ruler of the sixth province in Upper Egypt, 2000 BC.

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